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Agility Consulting is a Staffing and Recruitment agency specializes in IT Industry. We find and hire the best-qualified candidates in a timely, and cost-effective manner. Our recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee to organizations. We use the latest technology and tools to headhunt IT talent and discover niche skills, attributes, and personality which are not evident in the resume.

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What they say about us

  • Banar Pasha

    Monika is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge, dedication and professionalism ensured a smooth process, and landed me the job I wanted. To start the new job on my birthday was a nice touch. She's very informed and goes over and beyond the call of duty. I am very thankful and definitely recommend her.

  • Michelina Boksa

    I find working with Monika to recruit for position with our company is a true partnership. She has the ability to seamlessly understand the business and helps drive our recruiting efforts. She presents qualified candidates that fit the needs that we are looking for in individuals and does an outstanding job to build relationships and manage the entire process from beginning to end. She has become an integral part to our business and I truly value her business insight, experience and knowledge.

  • Priya Dinkar

    I have known her for over 13 years and she is one of the most dynamic and pleasant individuals to work with. She is highly result oriented and will put her heart and soul into delivering her work commitments. She was one of the top performers. She is also great at relationship building and networking. Monika cultivates and develops relationships over the years and she is committed to the success of her clients (be it internal or external) as well as her candidates. I take pride in knowing her and she deserves the world of success.

  • Nishit Vaghela

    Monika is a brilliant recruiter with amazing technical knowledge. I had a very detailed interview with her and she went through all my projects and skill sets. She prepared all the notes and made sure everything in all the projects was covered. She also helped me address a few concerns while she was not associated with her firm too, which was impressive. I would surely contact her in the future and recommend her for any recruitment.

  • Rohan Churi

    Monika is the best recruiter that I have ever met! Her way of understanding candidate's profile and strengths and weaknesses is amazing. I remember she noted down all the points about my profile, technical experience and expertise, expectations, etc. thoroughly. Monica is proficient in explaining the job profiles and requirements, also the good and bad points about the job requirements. Her skills of matching job requirements with candidate's expertise is noteworthy. Apart from all this Monica is a nice human being!

  • Latha S.

    Monika was one of our best recruiters in Sophus. She is a kind of person you can count on and trust her market research. She understands the requirements we have and finds the best people to fill those requirements. Overall, I am very happy working with her for any requirements we have. I would be happy to work with her in future and wishes her the best for future endeavor.

  • Bradley Schafer

    Monika assisted me with my job search upon arrival in Canada and she was a fantastic help. She called me all the time to keep me up to date with the latest in the search and I managed to find work within a few weeks. Being brand new to Canada and not knowing anyone was daunting but Monika really helped me feel at ease and confident I would find work soon. It didn't stop after I found work however, she was still in contact to see how my first day went and is constantly trying to get feedback. 10/10, Monika is a massive help and I would definitely recommend people seek out her services.

  • Amjad Hayat

    Monika is the best recruiter that I have ever met! She goes above and beyond to ensure and prepare for interviews and provide approachable but professional service. Very good experience. Highly recommended.

  • Nilesh Shah

    I have found Monika to be a good communicator and recruiter. She has a very good understanding of technical recruitment. She can identify and suggest a good fit for your organization's needs. She is also eager to share her knowledge at events meant to help job aspirants.

  • Gurinder Pal Singh

    Monika is a brilliant recruiter. I got the opportunity to meet her while searching for job and I must say, she knows how the get you the right opportunity according to your skill set. She analyze your skills and work preferences in detail then present you with the appropriate matching job opportunity. Additionally, she provides you the guidance you need to succeed and follows up with you to make sure the candidate doesn't face any challenge. Anyone would be happy to work with her and I wish her all the best.

  • Parul Gandhi

    Monika is energy personified. She has an instinctive understanding of business need by stepping into the client shoes to have a good grab at nature of the requirements. She is a very dedicated and passionate professional who carries out her responsibilities in a very planned fashion. I would love to work with Monika again.

  • Savita Chowdhary

    Ms. Monika is a very dynamic HR professional. She has excellent screening, coordination and recruitment skills. She takes utmost care in developing and nurturing future professional. She is a very good human being too and always ready to help those who really are in need to start their career especially new comers in Canada.

  • John Poulakos

    Monika possesses expertise and understanding of the IT field and its underlying technologies which makes her great at matching talent with the right opportunities. She is thorough, accurate and professional. Working with Monika was a great experience. Monika would be a valuable asset to any team!

  • Shailendrasinh Parmar

    I worked with Monica recently. She's heavily focused on her activities and puts lots of efforts to achieve what she's working on, which in turn helps other people working with her on the same task. The best thing about her is the communication and followups which is really really important in the any work right now. She's a great personality overall and would hoping to work with her again in future.

  • Kashif Haidery

    Monika brings to her job, a highly committed and a focussed approach. She believes in going the extra miles to achieve the objectives, and has often been cited as an example to others, for completing even a routine job with a lot of enthusiasm. A self motivated professional, she is always an asset to the department/organisation.

  • Ravi Malhotra

    I worked with Monika during the feverish ramp-up phase in Conexant, where she was handling recruitment from HR. I always found her to be very organized and resourceful, and at the same time quite tactful in dealing with various candidates at different levels. She works well under pressure without affecting either her calm and helpful composure or her productivity.

  • Manish Kumar

    I know Monika since June 2005 when she was working with Conexant. Monika has capability of being a superb brand ambassador of the company she represents. She has a visionary’s approach to organizational development through strategic planning. I recommend Monika to any employer who thinks that HR plays an important role in any company's success. I really wish to work again with her in future.

  • Reema Baksi

    Monika is an extremely confident & smart HR person. Superb exuberance and good communication are her positives! I am happy that she is doing so well at her current stint.

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